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Jewel Africa Posters Tag This image is part of a series of lifestyle thematic posters on the life cycle of a typical diamond. The first in the sequence this photograph represents 'heat', the beginning of the diamond's existence.



  Elite jewellery marketing required a classic name and identity. A European name was constructed from the partner's names and the logo is clean, contemporary and feminine.


  Tradenet International is a marketing enterprise that trades food and tools to desperate countries within the borders of Africa.



Advertising has two primary objectives - to surprise, and to capture! Print adverts for Five Flies Restaurant took this principle literally. Four of the fly's greatest enemies (apart from myself) are used in a short-term promotion to capture a discerning market.


Self-promotion illustration from a past website. Illustration has not been used to its full potential in recent years.

potential tag Entrepreneurial development programmes are popping up like mushrooms all over South Africa. This logo is for a practical 'educational' programme called Potential@Work was designed to create an picture of how businesses grow through the interaction of people and skills.




What is a brand?
A brand is not a logo. The logo is simply the representative of the brand, just as your signature is representative of you, but is by no means the whole of you.

A brand is the total package of your business, both physical and emotional, that leads your desired market to list you as a preferred favourite above other brands.



The value of professional design:
So many businesses compromise the value of design because they do not see the necessity for it. The reality though is that it is FAR more dangerous to a business to use unprofessional design. Two simple examples of this reality: If you produce a brochure for your company in MS Word and print it out on your desktop printer, and your opposition have done a better glossy job through a professional designer, then you lose the job...and you most likely never get to know why. The second is that a designer is trained to include the emotional values of a design that serve to position your business at the right intellectual level for your market. If you don't understand the meaning of this... then I rest my case.



jewel africa

Business personality:
Too many businesses are guilty of not reflecting the professionalism that they are trying to achieve. It is so important that your business looks like the business that you are in. Although advertising and design focus primarily on attracting targeted market segments, the personality of the communication most often reinforces the category that the brand or product falls in. A brand requires a very strong reason to break from the category personality. After all, you would never go to a serious meeting in board-shorts and t-shirt if you were a lawyer, but you may if you were a surf supply representative. Every business has its own character.




What is 'creativity'?
Creativity is not about 'cute' or 'attractive' or 'artistic'. Creativity is about doing things differently. Creativity is about finding new and better ways to do things. You can be a creative accountant, or builder, or housewife, or marketer. Being creative therefore is a state of mind.




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